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the quilting and sewing CNC machines from Czech Republic

    about us

    We are the manufacturer specialized in producing of quilting machines for mattresses, soft beddings, upholstery and another supporting equipment.


    Our team consists of professional mechanics, software developers and professional designers.

    All machines are designed in a 3D software environment (SolidWorks), including functional simulations and calculations.

    Our goal is to offer customers the highest possible degree of automation of the production process to achieve maximum production efficiency with respect to the incurred costs.


    Machines sold under the QD - Quilting Devices brand are specially modified for the European market and are certified (CE European Declaration of Conformity) here in the Czech Republic.

    Our sales reach extends throughout the European Union, incl. Great Britain and other European countries (eg Serbia, Macedonia, Ukraine), but also the USA, Canada, Egypt and other parts of the world.

    Our high quality products, good after-sales service, honesty and commitment are very popular among clients and make us a promising business in this industry.

    GAWLICZEK s.r.o. company is an established seller and manufacturer of quilting machines, sewing technologies and technologies for the mattress production.


    KEHUA SMART EUROPE is the European brand and authorized distributor and service center of Foshan City Kehua Smart Quilting Equipment Co. provided by the company GAWLICZEK s.r.o.

    Kehua Smart Quilting Equipment Co., Ltd is the long-term partner of GAWLICZEK s.r.o. in production of quilting technologies located in Gaoming District of Foshan City.



    GAWLICZEK s.r.o.
    Na Sedlácích 147, Šenov u Ostravy, 739 34, Czech Republic
    Phone/WhatsApp/WeChat: +420 608 701 532

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