Welcome To The Quilting Devices

Our company is proud to offer you wide range of specialized sewing machines, more commonly called quilting machines or quilters.

Our machines are used for many different applications, as from the light fabric quilting (comforters, blankets, bedspreads, linings etc.) to the heavy quilting (mattresses, upholstery cushioning, industrial insulations etc.).

All of our machines are computerized.

The electronically steering system allows You to make practically any desing pattern you want. Now you are not limited in your creativity!



Computerized Multi-needle Lock-stitch Quilting Machine Precision quilting with 360o patterns. Ulimitless possibilities of sewing patterns such as: panel quilts with few needles · patterns with filled areas · jump patterns· fine embroidery, signatures, trademark, etc. Fully adjustable...


Computerized Multi-needle Double-chain-stitch Quilting Machine Durable heavy structure specially designed for damping, allows the working speed up to 800RMP. Three electronically controlled axis with step motor (no cams, no gears, no-oil busters, no hydraulics). Extreme precision with...


Computerized Single-needle Lock-stitch Quilting Machine High speed frame quilting machine with large quilting area. The machine is equipped with the adjustable aluminum clamping frame. Moving in the desing without sewing forwards or backwards allows easy repair the interupted work. Reliable...

Zipper Inserting Machine

Special two-needle sewing machine for inserting the zip-fasteners into the matress cover in one step operation. The whole operation takes less than 2 minutes! It is based on the GARUDAN sewing machine, but developed and finished by GAWLICZEK s.r.o. Czech Republic      

Special carder - pearl fibre carding machine

We present a novelty in our production: Special carder - carding machine for the pearl fibre the production. This machine produces the pearl ball fibre from the mat or siliconized polyester staple. Machine capacity: 40 kg per hour   Video ukázka stroje v provozu:

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