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Fully Automatic Panel Cutter QD-PC-245 (KH-CJ6)

Fully Automatic Panel Cutter QD-PC-245 (KH-CJ6)

* Adjusting parameters using the touch screen, easy to use;

* Digital operating mode, automatically adjusting the machine to the appropriate cut size by entering dimensions;

* The device is equipped with an intelligent control module. The operating system can receive data from a remote server for scheduling and automatically adjusting machine tasks;

* The covered cutter design is more comfortable and safer;

* Equipped with IR length sensor - high precision cut

* Stable operation, low vibration and low noise, high efficiency;

* Use of conveyor for unloading parts is convenient and saving labor costs;

* The machine is equipped with an infrared light barrier


This machine is similar to model KH-CJ6. QD models are modified for the European market and safety standards. This machine is certified and the CE declaration of conformity issued in the Czech Republic.

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