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Single-Head Frame-Type Quilting Machine QD2426FT KH-1H

Single-Head Frame-Type Quilting Machine QD2426FT KH-1H

* Standard lockstitch sewing head, various span quilting size, auto thread-breaking checking. 

* The presser foot can be adjusted for different material thickness;

* Windows operating system can process various kinds of complicated patterns precisely;

* 360°jump quilting, large capacity patterns storage system, up to 100 thousand patterns file storage and more;

* Machine equipped with functions such as output counting, pattern display, processing according the display position, auto thread-trimming, auto-stop after thread-breaking, etc;

* Real time data protection, operation continues in the original position after sudden power shortage;

* Patterns quilting can be chosen easily, sewing head auto-positioning after thread-breaking;

* Japanese servo motors for controlling, ensuring the best precision and extreme stability; 

* Low noise and vibration, precise operation, stable performance and reliability; 

* Professional pattern-designing software. Import of scanned file patterns in BMP format. Import of embroidery DST files;

* CAD method pattern designing can be freely amended and copied;

* Standard XL Rotary Hook;

* The extra large bobbin/sewing head with rotary hook bigger than common XXL hook (600 meters) is available at an additional cost.


This machine is similar to model KH-1H or KH-DU1. QD models are modified for the European market and safety standards. This machine is certified and the CE declaration of conformity issued in the Czech Republic.

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