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  • How long is the warranty provided on QD machines and KEHUA machines?
    The standard warranty provided is 12 months. For QD machines, you can purchase a warranty for several years for a fee.
  • What is the main difference between QD-Quilting Devices brand and KEHUA brand machines?
    The QD-Quilting Devices brand is a trademark of GAWLICZEK s.r.o., which has long used it to sell its machines. Some machines are manufactured in the Czech Republic and some in China. Most (but not all) machines for GAWLICZEK s.r.o. manufactured by Foshan City Kehua Smart Quilting Equipment Co., which is our long-term partner. Machines bearing the QD-Quilting Devices brand are modified for the needs of European customers, tested and certified in the Czech Republic.
  • Can we buy machines directly from the factory in Foshan?
    Of course, if you register with us as a distributor and prove your readiness to provide warranty service, you will receive the distributor prices from us. We will then deliver the machine to you directly from Foshan or from our warehouse in the Czech Republic.
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