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Double-Head Continuous Quilting Machine KH-V2A

Double-Head Continuous Quilting Machine KH-V2A

* Double sewing heads can be chosen freely (sewing head No.1 and No.2 can be used alone) or both sewing head can work together. Patterns quilting can be done in identical route or in mirror direction. Dual sewing heads increase the quilting capacity by 30%-100%;

* The presser foot can be adjusted for different material thickness;

* Windows operating system can process various kinds of complicated patterns precisely;

* 360°jump quilting, large capacity patterns storage system, up to 100 thousand patterns file storage and more;

* Machine equipped with functions such as output counting, pattern display, processing according the display position, auto thread-trimming, auto-stop after thread-breaking, etc;

* Real time data protection, operation continues in the original position after sudden power shortage;

* Patterns quilting can be chosen easily, sewing head auto-positioning after thread-breaking;

* Japanese servo motors for controlling, ensuring the best precision and extreme stability; 

* Low noise and vibration, precise operation, stable performance and reliability; 

* Professional pattern-designing software. Import of scanned file patterns in BMP format. Import of embroidery DST files;

* CAD method pattern designing can be freely amended and copied;

* Auto edge and cross cutting device; 

* Required processing of quilted pieces can be realized in one time, extra cutting machine is not necessary;

* Auto material feeding, cutting, in result less labor;

* Extra-large bobbin - 600 meters, which is three times bigger as the ordinary big rotary hook;

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