Computerized Single-needle Lock-stitch Quilting Machine

  • High speed frame quilting machine with large quilting area.
  • The machine is equipped with the adjustable aluminum clamping frame.
  • Moving in the desing without sewing forwards or backwards allows easy repair the interupted work.
  • Reliable thread break detector.
  • Independent drive of the upper and lower part machine head.
  • Applied MITSUBISHI or TECO servo-motors.
  • The new 2010 model allows to import the embroidery designs/files (Tajima DST)


  QD910FT QD1112FT
Quilting - Sewing Speed 300-2500 st./min 300-2300 st./min
Stitch Length 3-6 mm 3-6 mm
Quilting Area (max.) 228 x 254 cm 274 x 304 cm
Max. Thickness of Quilted Material 1500g/m2 1500g/m2
Adjustable Frame Size 150-228x200-254 cm 180-274x230-304 cm
Overall Dimensions 595x 320 x 140 cm 640x 320 x 140 cm


aluminium frame for single needle quilter